How Plastic Improves our Lives

A thousands of plastic products are used in adding comfort, safety, and convenience to our everyday lives. There are plastics in blankets, pillows, carpets and other items that guarantee comfort in our homes. There are plastics in electronic devices that ensures we access internet and communicate with other people. The plastics in bullet-proof vests and sports players’ helmets ensures the police and players safety. Here are some areas in your life that plastic could be helping you.

Plastics and Transportation

For most car manufacturing companies, plastic is an ideal material because it is durable and lightweight. During the manufacturing of cars, plastics makes up around 10 percent of the vehicle’s total weight and almost half of its volume. For manufacturers who look to make their cars lighter, that means using more plastic. Plastics are also used to make cars safer since they are used in manufacturing airbag and seat belts.

Plastics and Packaging

Plastic packaging makes it easier for consumers to view the items they are purchasing and the same it protects the contents from contamination. It is easy for them to identify any tapering on the products and for some products, child-proof packaging keeps children safe from poisoning. From this kind of packaging, consumers enjoy the convenience of carrying around our food and drinks.

Plastics in Sports

Plastics are used in this sector to make safety equipment for athletes. That ranges from the manufacturing of mouth guards, plastic foam pads and goalie gloves. It also include the manufacturing of shoes used by the athletes.

Plastics in Electronics

In our electronics, plastics are used on the cables and cords and even in the making of the electronics themselves. In LCD screen televisions, the liquid crystalline plastics has reduced the amount of energy these screen use compared to the traditional cathode ray tube screens.

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