The Life Cycle of a Plastic Item

The Life Cycle of a Plastic Item
How many times do you use a plastic item in a week? How many plastic items do you have in your house? How do you dispose these products when you no longer need them? Take a coffee cup for example, when you use it for coffee in the morning or when you carry your hot beverage on your way to work, what do you do with this mug? When you exchange for a new one the next day, what happens to old cup?

Plastics items are a part of our day to day lives and great manufacturing companies continue to produce quality and durable products that are important in different industry. However, it is important that we take note of the need to dispose these items correctly.




Most plastic products can be reused to make other products. It all starts with sorting out our garbage at home and in the office. Putting the plastic items aside for collectors who take them to recycling plants.

We need plastic.
Let us change its lifecycle.

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